A vending machine
that open
doors for you.

Target premium spaces

Client prospection is a considerable challenge in the vending industry. This is why we created a vending vehicle which can be easily place in many different environments. Its refine and modern design will ease client’s approval and open new locations like insurance, lawyering or even accounting offices.

Simplify trial periods

Easy prospection and adoption. Place your machine on the same day.

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The vending vehicle with which consumer will want to purchase.

This “table top” vending machine was designed to offer the best of emerging technologies. The sleek and compact shape offers great flexibility without jeopardizing profitability. It can contain up to 126 products, splitted in up to 3 different selections. Operations and administration doesn’t get any smoother than with an Area machine.


Quick and modern payments

Contactless payments increases client consumption by 42%.

Healthy and nutritious products

Our products are carefully selected by our team to offer the perfect balance of nourishing and tastefulness.

Mesmerizing experience

Consumers are starving for a modern, playful and memorable experience. Our high definition touchscreen makes an ordinary transaction extraordinary.

Biodegradable packaging

Our packagings are 100% made from recycled fibers in addition to being biodegradable.

A vending machine above expectations.

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Generate more sales with contactless payments

Contactless payments greatly facilitate quick sales. Transaction occuring on vending machines are often impulsive. It is only natural to accomodate this trend with a modern and quick payment method.

Funds are transfered to your bank account within 2 working days

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Machines connected to an intuitive interface

Area Core administration platform is a powerful tool to effeciently manage your investments. Know the status of your fleet with a few clicks. Keep track of traffic and sales. Manage the machines remotely with easy price changes, products presentation changes and much more.

area core
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Compact vehicle, high capacity, 3 selections

The machine’s capacity bay can hold up to 126 products. This high capacity can be splitted in 3 different selections. The Area is actually the smallest footprint vending machine on the market using 90% of its internal volume for products stockage.

Ultra HD touchscreen and customizable

Customize the interface with your client’s logo. Blend the machine in its environment.

Also display your own business’ logo.

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Right next to the coffee machine

The Area is the perfect vending vehicle to complete the coffee break offering. Provide your client with an access to healthy and delicious snacks enhancing concentration and commodity. Our snacks are arranged to perfectly harmonize with the morning coffee or the afternoon tea.

Combine and up your sales.

The Area machine allows to expand your services to complete your offer to businesses.

Want to sell your products in our vehicle ?

We are always on the lookout for new products.

Partner with us !

All our snack blends are the perfect fit for coffee and teas.

100% made in Quebec

Design and manufactured here.

Meet the team

Deserved accomplishments.

Mtl inc. Laureate

Montreal organization recognized for supporting innovative businesses.

gouvernement quebec
Bourse d’honneur Gouv. du QC

Government initiative aiming at supporting innovative businesses.

Ose Entreprendre

Entrepreunarial competition to promote entrepreneurship.

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