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Bulk supplement dispensing

The Area Fitness is the ideal vehicle to offer all sorts of bulk supplements to your clients. It can hold up to 3 different selections like proteins, BCAA and much more. Placed next to the water fountain, it is the perfect solution for a any type of training facility.

Mix with water

Designed to be easily placed next to a water fountain.

Easily fixed on a wall or counter.

Simplicity and convenience.


Quick and modern transactions

Contactless payments increase consumption by 42%.

High quality products

Open a new revenue channel. Offer your products to your consumers directly.

Immersive experience

Consumers need a fun and memorable purchase experience. Offer it with the interactive touchscreen.

Bulk dispensing

Avoid unnecessary packaging. Ecofriendliness is one of the many advantages of bulk dispensing.

Improved product presentation.


Generate more sales with the rapidity of contactless payments

Contactless reduces the steps of a purchase. Sales are quick, easy and satisfying. Vending machine sales are often impulsives. Enable them with a payment that is appropriate.

Revenues are transfered to your bank account within 2 working days.

Groupe 320

Machines connected to an intuitive interface

Area Core administration platform is a powerful tool to effeciently manage your investments. Know the status of your fleet with a few clicks. Keep track of traffic and sales. Manage the machines remotely with easy price changes, products presentation changes and much more.

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